How To Issue A Safety Journal

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How To Issue A Safety Journal
How To Issue A Safety Journal

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According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the employer's duty is to provide employees working at his enterprise with safe working conditions. The parameters of these conditions and the requirements for labor protection of workers are stipulated by state standards and SanPiNs. Each employee of the enterprise must undergo a safety briefing, the conduct of which is reflected in a separate log.

How to issue a safety journal
How to issue a safety journal


Step 1

GOST 12.0.004-90 "Occupational safety standards system" regulates the procedure for instructing on safety. It provides for such types of instruction as introductory or primary, repeated and unscheduled. In addition, those who are employed in jobs with harmful and hazardous working conditions are required to undergo an internship at their workplace, after which they receive admission to independently carry out such work. All these activities should be reflected in the magazine.

Step 2

Appendices 4 and 6 of GOST 12.0.004-90 provide samples of the recommended forms according to which the briefing journal should be filled out. The recommendatory nature does not provide for a strict form of the content of the journal, but practice shows that the optimal form for its maintenance is tabular.

Step 3

Recommended columns include: date of the briefing, surname, name and patronymic of the instructor and the instructor, profession and position of the instructor, type of instruction, numbers of instructions that were studied during the briefing. Separate columns should provide places for the signature of the instructor and the instructor, as well as the official authorized to authorize the admission of the instructed employee.

Step 4

In the event that the enterprise has special, harmful and dangerous working conditions, an additional column should be included in the table of the safety journal, in which it is necessary to reflect the duration of the internship and the signature of the employee and instructor confirming its completion.

Step 5

The safety briefing journal can be ordered from the printing house or drawn up in a common notebook by yourself signing all the columns. It is a working document, so all its pages must be numbered and laced up. The ends of the lacing appear on the last sheet under the back cover of the magazine. They must be pasted over and fixed. The paper pasted on top of them must be signed by the person who is entrusted with keeping the journal, certified by the seal of the enterprise. The last page should contain an inscription indicating the number of numbered and laced pages.

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