Sunbathing Tips

Sunbathing Tips
Sunbathing Tips
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The sun is the source of beauty, youth and health. The sun's rays, water and air have long been considered man's best friends. They give him vigor, strengthen the nervous system, improve metabolism in the body, increasing resistance to various diseases.

Sunbathing Tips
Sunbathing Tips

Do you want the sun to always be your friend? Then do not forget about the sense of proportion. Affectionate sun rays, if abused, can cause a lot of trouble. Than only the would-be beach-goer does not save his burnt skin! And kefir, and cologne, and tea lotions. But such problems can be completely avoided if you do not turn the sun into your enemy. Do not rush to tan the first time. Allow your skin to produce enough of the protective pigment it lost in winter. If you have white and delicate skin, be careful.

In the mountains, where the air is clear and clean, intense sunlight is very dangerous. The spring sun is also deceiving. It does not seem as hot as in summer, but there is much more ultraviolet rays there. Therefore, unbeknownst to himself, a person can get burns of the first or even second degree. Overheating of the body greatly excites the nervous system, disrupts cardiovascular activity.

Remember that tanning is not for everyone. For some, it ages, for others it causes the appearance of freckles and age spots, emphasizes wrinkles.

People after thirty are not recommended to spend a lot of time in the sun: the sun intensifies the aging process of the skin. Get up when the sun rises, in the morning it is the most useful. After 11 pm, hide in the shade, air baths are also very beneficial.

Do not forget about the ball and the racket: sunbathing is more useful in motion. Cover your head with a hat - the sun's rays are harmful to your hair.

Sunlight, which is the source of life on earth and has inexhaustible healing properties, can, under certain circumstances, have a detrimental effect on the human body. Therefore, sunbathing should be done carefully. Consult your doctor before sunbathing.

Sunbathe gradually, in small doses. Avoid sunbathing at noon. Morning tanning is healthier and more beautiful: it is darker in color and more even.

There are invisible ultraviolet rays in the sun's rays. In small doses, they have a positive effect on the body, and in large doses, they destroy skin cells, causing burns.

Sunburns are very unpleasant and painful. To avoid them, you should constantly monitor the duration of sunbathing. You need to sunbathe carefully.

You should always remember about unprotected areas of the body, such as the face, lips, neck, nose. When sunbathing in a mountainous area, cover your face with a gauze mask or lubricate with a special cream.

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