How To Develop Manual Dexterity

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How To Develop Manual Dexterity
How To Develop Manual Dexterity

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Regardless of your field of activity and your hobbies, sleight of hand is a must for any person. Your hands and fingers are exposed to certain stresses on a daily basis, and you can easily handle these stresses, as well as more easily and freely carry out daily activities if you exercise your dexterity regularly. What kind of workouts can help you develop flexibility and agility?

How to develop manual dexterity
How to develop manual dexterity


Step 1

Dexterity of the hands depends on many parameters - you need to train and strengthen not only your fingers, but also your wrist. Do exercises with slight muscle tension to feel the effect of the actions you are taking.

Step 2

By developing your wrist, you reduce the risk of arthritis and fractures. Stand in a comfortable position and close your palms in front of your chest, without pressing the ribs of your palms to your chest. Also learn to work your wrist separately from the rest of the arm muscles - for this, while sitting at the table, place your hand on the edge of the table so that your hand hangs over its edge. Move your hand so that the hand remains motionless.

Step 3

Clench and unclench your fists regularly to develop and strengthen your fingers. Flex your fingers one at a time, controlling the impulses and movements of the muscles of the fingers. Try to alternately touch the tip of each finger to the tip of your thumb, keeping the thumb completely still. It is useful to put a pencil between your fingers and roll it several times in each hand in turn.

Step 4

Squeeze tennis or ping-pong balls in your fists, roll rosary, glass or metal balls in your hands. They train good dexterity and develop fingers.

Step 5

To strengthen not only the fingers, but also the nails, press the tip of your right thumb against the tip of your ring finger for three minutes. Place your index finger on the nail bed of your thumb. Squeeze the tips of your ring and thumb on your left hand. With its origins in yoga, this exercise will help you strengthen your nails, increase their growth and tone them up.

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