How To Read Wiring Diagrams

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How To Read Wiring Diagrams
How To Read Wiring Diagrams
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In connection with the active introduction of automation systems at enterprises, schemes that include electric drives are widespread. The process of installing and adjusting electrical installations requires the ability to understand the circuit and wiring diagrams of devices. This requires skill and practice.

How to read wiring diagrams
How to read wiring diagrams


Step 1

Examine the existing types and types of schemes, as well as the document picking system in the project. This will allow you to quickly find the required document among many externally similar schemes of the same type.

Step 2

Understand for yourself the general principles of building circuits, including an electrical installation. The basis of the system is some kind of mechanism (machine, engine, control gear, and so on). For the conventional representation of the system elements, various types of schemes are used: hydraulic, pneumatic, kinematic, electrical and combined. For a better understanding of the electrical diagram, study all the other options for the images attached to it.

Step 3

Determine the primary power circuit on the schematic diagram of the electrical installation presented to you. It is usually depicted in a single line. Depending on the purpose, supply circuits, distribution circuits, or both types of circuits together are marked in the drawing. The main task is to determine the location of the electrical receiver and the purpose of the connections outgoing from it.

Step 4

Study the diagrams of external connections, with the help of which various elements of electrical equipment are connected to each other. Assume that the connection diagrams are geographically "scattered" among themselves. Pay particular attention to considering the different mounting blocks that are part of one complete device, for example, connections within the control panel.

Step 5

In addition to the schematic diagram of the device, use the wiring diagram (so-called wiring diagram) to familiarize yourself with it. This will allow you to get a more complete picture of the electrical installation within the super-system in which it is included.

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