How To Bend A Stainless Steel

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How To Bend A Stainless Steel
How To Bend A Stainless Steel

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Bending takes one of the leading places among metal processing technologies. To obtain parts of the required shape, sheet metal (including stainless steel) and workpieces of a different shape have to be subjected to such deformation using various technologies and equipment.

How to bend a stainless steel
How to bend a stainless steel

It is necessary

machine tool, skill of working with steel


Step 1

Use special equipment. The most widespread are sheet bending machines - machines for changing the shape of steel sheets from various metals. If, for example, you are engaged in roofing work, then it makes sense to purchase a manual bending machine. Such a machine, as a rule, has a low cost, it is convenient, compact and it can be used right on the job site. There are different types of hand tools available depending on the configuration of the roofing sheets.

Step 2

Another type of equipment is sheet bending rolls, designed exclusively for processing sheet metal, including stainless steel. The working elements of such a machine are two lower and one upper shaft, fixed on the plate. The process of formatting sheet metal consists in the fact that the upper roll makes translational movements in a vertical plane relative to the workpiece, ensuring that the desired sheet configuration is obtained.

Step 3

Get a production press, this is the most common type of equipment you need. The main element of the press is a punch mounted on the slider belt. At the same time, a die is installed on the press pad or directly on the plate, which has the form, as a rule, of a straight groove or angle. If you decide to acquire universal equipment for bending stainless steel sheets, then the best option for this is presses. When working on them, you can not only quickly change parts, but also reconfigure for the manufacture of other products.

Step 4

In addition to sheet bending, the rollback of pipes and rods is in great demand. For this case, special bending machines are provided. You can cold bend small diameter pipes. This is especially true when repairing plumbing or heating. These pipe bending machines use the principle of winding pipes around a roller. Pipes with a diameter of more than 95 mm are bent on machines with high-frequency heating.

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