Good Omens For Housewarming

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Good Omens For Housewarming
Good Omens For Housewarming

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From time immemorial, people, settling in a new home, followed folk signs, established good relations with a new home, so that love, peace, comfort and prosperity would always reign in the family.

Good omens for housewarming
Good omens for housewarming


Moving to a new house, from the old they took with them the spirit of the dwelling - the brownie. It was believed that he protects the family from evil spirits, monitors order and harmony in the family. It was a bad sign to leave the brownie in the old house. This tradition is not forgotten even now. Some people carry the brownie away on a broom. When all the furniture and things from the house have been taken out, they sweep all the rooms with a broom and leave it in the dwelling overnight. And in the morning they take me to a new house. They also clean it with this broom and then burn it.

Another way to take a brownie with you is to transport it in a box. Before leaving, old clothes are put in an empty box and placed on the threshold for 15 minutes. It is believed that during this time the brownie will definitely climb into it. And then they take the box with them to their new home.

Chasing away evil spirits

It has long been a good tradition to be the first to launch a cat into a house or apartment. It was a cat, not a cat. According to some beliefs, it should be black, according to others - the same as the hair of the head of the family. And it is very important that the animal is not borrowed from someone for a while, but yours. If getting a cat in a new apartment is not part of your plans, you can use a figurine. For example, a porcelain figurine or a clay piggy bank. Usually an older family member brings the figurine into the house and places it in a prominent place.

In villages, a rooster is often left in a new house for the night. It is believed that having crowed in the morning, he will drive out all the evil spirits. After that, jellied meat is cooked from the poultry and treated to them for housewarming guests. The city also found a way out. The day before moving into a new apartment, a chicken is left in the refrigerator overnight.

Also, in order to avoid the evil eye and deceive the evil spirits, they drove into a new house at night. At the same time, they did not enter through the door, but climbed through the window.

For wealth and well-being

So that there is always prosperity in the house, silver coins are thrown on the floor. In this case, the money must be scattered, both in the old dwelling and in the new one. Also, during the renovation, some silver object is walled up into one of the walls. This helps to attract money into the house, and also protects against evil spirits.

According to signs, dreams in the first few days in a new home can also tell about the future of the household. For example, apples, rye, clean water, gold and silver money dream of prosperity, happiness and health.

To live in a new home in peace and prosperity, it is customary to celebrate a housewarming party. This must be done on the new moon. On this day, the dwelling is sprinkled with holy water, icons and candles are erected. They ferment the dough, so that later they can prepare treats for guests from it, and watch how it rises - if it is good and fast, life in the new house will be satisfying. Guests, crossing the threshold, should throw a coin on the floor so that the new settlers always have money.

Leaving your old house or apartment, walk through the rooms, remember the happiest moments that happened to you here. And then, on a small piece of paper, write down how you see your life in your new home: joyful, happy, healthy, rich, with a bunch of kids, and so on. Take the list with you and keep it safe. Everything that you have written will move to a new home with you.

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