What Is Enthusiasm

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What Is Enthusiasm
What Is Enthusiasm

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When a person works with inspiration, regardless of time and not paying attention to difficulties, he is often called an enthusiast of his work. Enthusiasm is often associated with a high level of motivation and focus on solving a given task despite real or perceived obstacles.

What is enthusiasm
What is enthusiasm

Enthusiasm as a high degree of enthusiasm

Translated from Greek, the term "enthusiasm" literally means "inspiration", "inspiration", "delight". The ancient Greeks meant by this word a special state of a person, given to him from above. It was believed that those who are possessed by enthusiasm enjoy the protection of the gods. Later, enthusiasm became an aesthetic category. This term began to express a person's attitude to the beautiful and the sublime. For example, Socrates meant poetic inspiration by enthusiasm.

Over the many centuries that have passed since the heyday and decline of Ancient Greece, the content of the concept of "enthusiasm" has changed somewhat. Now this is the name of a positively colored emotion that accompanies a person's activity in achieving any goals. One indicator of enthusiasm is a high degree of motivation, which does not require effort, coercion, or external influences to maintain. Psychologists consider enthusiasm to be one of the most powerful resource states that allows you to effectively cope with the most difficult activities.

Enthusiasm is often generated by adherence to an idea, the implementation of which allows a person to feel elated. Usually, this state occurs at the moments when a person feels that he is approaching an important goal for himself. The anticipation of success just generates the rise of strength and energy, causes a high degree of inspiration, often reaching delight. The person himself and the people around him feel the state of enthusiasm very sharply and vividly. An explosion of positive emotions from an enthusiast can quickly infect other people.

Labor enthusiasm

The inspiration that a person experiences is very often associated with his work activity. It is a pleasure to look at an enthusiast: any work can be done in his hands, all problems are solved without much difficulty. But labor enthusiasm does not arise from scratch. For it to appear, it is necessary that a person considers the work he is doing significant for himself, and the goals of the organization as his own. Having created an environment in the work collective in which employees will feel like full participants in the production process, the manager can count on the manifestation of enthusiasm.

An example of the labor enthusiasm of the broad masses can be considered the selfless work of the Soviet people to restore the national economy after the Civil War, as well as the activity to transform the USSR into an industrial power. Driven by a single impulse, the citizens of the Land of Soviets enthusiastically worked on construction sites, raised agriculture, and erected grandiose industrial enterprises. The idea of ​​building a new society, free from forced labor and capitalist exploitation, contributed to the manifestation of enthusiasm at that time.

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