How To Write A Security Word

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How To Write A Security Word
How To Write A Security Word

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In a protective word, you need to actually retell your term paper or thesis. Moreover, this abbreviated presentation should not only fit into the allotted time and stylistic framework, but also reveal the essence of the work. In order to convey to the panel all the merits of your research, and at the same time not to tire the audience, carefully work out the structure of your defense speech.

How to write a security word
How to write a security word


Step 1

Start your presentation with a greeting. Usually the standard wording is used: "Hello, dear members of the commission, guests and fellow students." Then tell the topic of your term paper or thesis. It can also be entered into the template: "Your attention is presented a course / thesis on the topic …".

Step 2

Moving on to the content of the work, start with a story about its relevance. You need to tell how much the problem has been worked out, what is the situation in the field that you are studying. Then, based on this analysis, explain the need for scientific research on this particular topic and at this particular moment.

Step 3

After that, briefly list the object, subject and purpose of your research. All wording can be taken from the introduction of the coursework or diploma. If they are bulky, which is normal for a scientific style, divide them into short sentences to make it easier to pronounce during the defense.

Step 4

Talking about the theoretical and methodological basis of the research, refrain from listing all the titles of textbooks and the names of their authors. Members of the commission will be able to read this information in your work. Limit yourself to listing the type of sources that you used, and also name the branches of science to which they relate.

Step 5

Following the structure of the introduction to the coursework or diploma, we can say about the practical significance of the work. Also, this part can be moved to the very end of the performance - this ending will be quite logical.

Step 6

Go to the description of the theoretical part of the work. Tell me what issue it is about. List the main theses of the chapter, tell us what scientific concepts you considered, what are their pros and cons.

Step 7

Tell us how you have used the results of theoretical research in practice. Describe in detail the methodology for working with the empirical base and, if necessary, justify the choice of this particular way of working. Explain in detail the conclusions you made in the chapter on practice. You can take the conclusions that you list in the coursework or in the diploma, and expand their content by talking in more detail about each.

Step 8

End your talk by thanking everyone for their attention. Tell them that you are ready to answer the questions.

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