How To Cross The Road

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How To Cross The Road
How To Cross The Road

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To cross even the narrowest road along which a stream of cars is moving, you need attentiveness, accuracy, regularity and no fuss. Excessive haste in such a simple matter as crossing a road at a pedestrian crossing can lead to a hospital bed or to a more deplorable result.

How to cross the road
How to cross the road


Step 1

Try not to cross the road outside pedestrian crossings! The zones allocated for this are marked with special signs and markings, traffic lights function on them and are highlighted by artificial obstacles for drivers. All this is done to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Before any crossing, even if it is an ordinary "zebra", the driver will always slow down in advance and, if there is a person on the road, he will have time to stop. If you cross the road in the wrong place, then the driver, who noticed you at the last moment, may simply not be in time to quickly drop the speed permissible in the city of 60 km / h.

Step 2

To cross the road, look for the sign, which is called "Pedestrian crossing" according to the Traffic Regulations. Each such sign must be accompanied by line markings on the road surface, or "zebra" (but not always). Wide roads and highways are most often equipped with an underground or aerial passage. In the latter case, it will be completely safe to cross the road.

Step 3

If there is no crossing nearby, try to walk to the nearest intersection, where the most likely pedestrian traffic lights are located. If you haven't found such a "helper" either, try to find the narrowest section of the road, where there is no dividing strip and no obstacles, including barriers.

Step 4

At a crossing equipped with a traffic light, wait for the green signal (for pedestrians). At a crossing without a traffic light, wait until the last car passes or the traffic stops, allowing people to pass. Make sure there are no moving vehicles. And only after that cross the road. If the road is unidirectional, remember to look to the left. If the traffic flow is multidirectional, after passing half, turn your head to the right and, making sure that there are no moving cars, go the rest of the way.

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