How To Identify A Waxing And Waning Moon

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How To Identify A Waxing And Waning Moon
How To Identify A Waxing And Waning Moon

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The moon is the only satellite of the earth. It has a huge impact on people's lives, from making important decisions to choosing the right time for a haircut. Therefore, it is important to be able to identify the waxing and waning moon, so as not to get into a mess.

How to identify a waxing and waning moon
How to identify a waxing and waning moon


Step 1

The phase of the moon can be viewed in the lunar calendar. You can buy it at any kiosk or store that sells newspapers and magazines. In addition, Internet users can simply download it. In addition to the current phase of the moon in the lunar calendar, you can read what is worth doing, and what should not be taken at all at this time. You can also see when the waning moon will change to a growing one, and plan your affairs in accordance with this schedule.

Step 2

You can also find out the phase of the moon in a regular tear-off calendar or in a newspaper, in a column that publishes the weather for the coming days.

Step 3

There is a method for determining the phase of the moon, known to many from childhood. For the month, mentally attach a stick (and for clarity, you can use your index finger). If you get the letter "P", then the moon is growing. If "P" is turned in the opposite direction - decreasing. It should be remembered that in the southern hemisphere the opposite is true - the resulting letter "P" will mean that the moon is waning.

Step 4

If you want to know if the moon is growing or decreasing, observe the heavenly body. It is logical that if in a few days the moon has become larger, then it is growing, and if the crescent of the month decreases every night, the moon decreases.

Step 5

Look at the plants around you. During the waxing moon, they grow faster and consume more moisture, but when the crescent moon begins to shrink, life processes in them slow down.

Step 6

You don't have to look at the sky or the calendar to determine the phase of the moon. Listen to yourself. During the growing moon, you are full of energy, you want to work, create, you experience an emotional upsurge. The body digests food better, and you practically do not feel tired. During the waning moon, the body's forces decline. At this time, you feel a decline in vitality, immunity weakens, everything falls out of hand.

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