Why People Weren't On The Moon

Why People Weren't On The Moon
Why People Weren't On The Moon

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In July 1969, the Apollo 11 spacecraft was launched from Cape Canaveral to land a man on the moon. American astronauts brought to Earth 300 kg of soil, videos and a huge number of photographs. It seemed that this is irrefutable evidence of the presence of people on the moon, but it was these photographs and records that became the basis for the Americans' suspicion of falsifying the century.

Why people weren't on the moon
Why people weren't on the moon

After flying for several days, the lunar lander with astronauts on board landed in the Sea of ​​Tranquility. Neil Armstrong and his crew first entered the lunar surface, where the United States flag and an expedition plaque were planted. However, after a while, newsreels and photographs began to cause bewilderment among specialists in various fields of knowledge.

In the very first frames, Armstrong descends the stairs and jumps from the penultimate step to the surface of the moon. The attraction on the Moon is 6 times less than on Earth, so it should have smoothly landed on the moon. However, the camera recorded how the astronaut's legs buckled and he sat down heavily.

Then the footage was shown in which the astronauts jumped up. Taking into account the low force of gravity, the jumps had to be at least several meters. But the whole world saw how astronauts barely lifted off the surface by 20-30 cm, as if they were jumping on Earth.

The established US flag fluttered proudly as astronauts passed by, which could not be in a vacuum, due to the lack of an atmosphere on the moon. One photograph shows a flag and an astronaut standing next to it, the shadows from the astronaut and from the flag fall in opposite directions, as if they were illuminated from different directions.

During landing, a braking engine worked at the lunar module, from which gases escaped, which were supposed to disperse the lunar dust and form a crater, but the images show the soil untouched by the engine's operation. In addition, the side of the ship not illuminated by the Sun, in theory, should have been absolutely black, which was not observed in real life. It gave the impression of a pavilion shooting with a multitude of projectors illuminating every detail of the module from all sides.

The video footage of the "dashing" trips of American cosmonauts on the lunar rovers caused great distrust. The soil flying out from under the wheels had to travel tens of meters and form a huge cloud of dust. But in the video, soil particles fly out the same distance as on Earth.

All these and many other inconsistencies have led to the fact that at present about 20% of the American population does not believe that their compatriots have landed on the lunar surface, and their number is growing every year.

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