How To Set Up Binoculars

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How To Set Up Binoculars
How To Set Up Binoculars

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Binoculars can deservedly be called the most popular observation device, as they provide good informational content of observation and do not tire the eyesight, due to the fact that both eyes are used. For optimal observation, the binoculars must be adapted to the individual characteristics of your eyes and vision.

How to set up binoculars
How to set up binoculars


Step 1

Start adjusting the binoculars by adjusting its interpupillary distance, for this look through the binoculars at a distant object and try to move and spread the binoculars until you see a clear image, you should see a full circle.

Step 2

The vision of your eyes may differ slightly from each other, so binoculars need diopter adjustment and focusing. The right eyepiece usually has a diopter adjustment ring to eliminate image differences, and the left eyepiece does not adjust - it is stationary.

Step 3

When looking at a distant object through binoculars, close your right eye and rotate the center focusing head until the object is completely clear. Then close your left eye and look at the object through the right eyepiece, in the same way adjust the image clarity for the right eyepiece by rotating the diopter adjustment ring. Done - the binoculars are focused and in the future you only need the center focusing head. If the settings fail, you can correct them or readjust the binoculars using the plus / minus marks.

Step 4

If you need to change the magnification, rotate the magnification lever on the binoculars to the desired value, and then rotate the center focusing ring until you achieve clarity. Note that every time you change the magnification, you need to re-adjust the focus.

Step 5

If you are setting up variable magnification binoculars, focusing at maximum magnification will reduce the need for further focus adjustments each time the magnification is changed. To focus on a nearer object, focus on the farthest possible object first, and then decrease the magnification of the binoculars. Usually, binoculars with variable magnification have better and clearer images at a closer distance.

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