How To Make A Rubber Mask

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How To Make A Rubber Mask
How To Make A Rubber Mask

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Rubber masks are an indispensable part of any costume for a costume party. Today, masks depict the heroes of their favorite cartoons and horror films; they are used as part of the image by some artists, especially rock singers, comedians, and animators.

How to make a rubber mask
How to make a rubber mask

It is necessary

two-component rubber for molding flexible silicone molds, such as Pentalast -720, plasticine, brush, petroleum jelly, container for stirring glue, rubber gloves


Step 1

Make a cast of the shape of the head of your chosen character out of plasticine. First, you need to draw it on paper, then mold it as accurately as possible keeping the proportions relative to your size. Usually, rubber masks are worn whole or have a slit in the back for ease of use.

Step 2

Cover the prepared plasticine mold with a separator - technical vaseline. Combine the components of the glue in the container, mix thoroughly, make sure that no air bubbles form. The compound (two-component rubber) consists of a base paste and a curing catalyst. Strictly observe the mixing proportions described on the packaging. It is necessary to mix until the hardener is completely dissolved. Better to use small portions.

Step 3

Apply a thin layer of the prepared two-component rubber mixture onto the mask with a brush. Wait for the air bubbles to disappear and the rubber begins to harden. Mix another portion of the paste and hardener.

Step 4

Cover the mask with several coats of two-component rubber. Make sure that the last coat was applied especially carefully and carefully.

Step 5

Wait for the mask to dry, approximately 24 hours. Then with a sharp knife cut holes in it for the eyes, nose, mouth. Paint the mask with paints, glue additional elements to it (if necessary). Make a cut in the back of the mask and remove it from the workpiece.

Step 6

You can put on the mask after 72 hours. Before using for the first time, wash the mask in warm water and soap.

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