How To Turn On The Solarium

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How To Turn On The Solarium
How To Turn On The Solarium

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A solarium is a device that creates the effect of ultraviolet radiation using special lamps. This provides the skin with a tan. Solariums are powered by electric current, so they must be plugged into the electrical network. The operating time of the lamps is regulated using a special toggle switch.

How to turn on the solarium
How to turn on the solarium

It is necessary

Solarium (vertical, horizontal or tabletop), electrical network with an allowable voltage of 220 V


Step 1

Open the solarium. Check the safety glass for integrity. Through it, inspect the lamps for visible damage. Ask for documents for the lamps used. They must change in a timely manner. The lamp life is noted in the manual.

Step 2

The tanning machine is powered by an electric current. Any solarium is equipped with a wire and plug for connection to the electrical network. Check these parts for integrity. Take the plug and plug it into a power outlet. The mains voltage must be 220 V. There must be an indicator lamp on the body. When you plug in the plug, it will indicate that the solarium is on.

Step 3

Wear safety glasses. Find the tumbler. Twist it. When you turn the toggle switch, the tanning lamps will light up. Turn off the device. Now you need to determine how much time is needed for the session. The toggle handle has graduations to mark the tanning time. Set the time of the first session depending on your skin type. Some tanning booths have tables showing the required time interval for each type. Set the toggle knob to the division that corresponds to the required number of minutes.

Step 4

All these manipulations are necessary if the solarium is your own. When you visit a solarium club, the start of the device is reduced to pressing the Start button. Preliminary manipulations are performed by the administrator on duty. But no one bothers you to make sure the integrity of the coating and lamps, as well as the availability of documents and licenses.

Step 5

Enter the allotted room. Click the Start button. The solarium starts up. The device is probably connected to the reseption, where the attendant is located. In this case, the time is set by the specialist, all that remains is to press Start.

Step 6

Horizontal and vertical tanning beds are switched on in the same way. The only difference can be in the location of the buttons. Before the session, you need to decide which key is responsible for starting. Most often it is located on the inner surface of the moving part of the solarium. If you cannot find it, it is better to check with the person on duty. Typically, the Start button is catchy and difficult to confuse.

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