How To Choose Eau De Toilette For A Man

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How To Choose Eau De Toilette For A Man
How To Choose Eau De Toilette For A Man

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The choice of such a gift for a man as eau de toilette is a rather difficult problem for many women. Modern males pay a lot of attention to their style and appearance and prefer to choose fragrances that emphasize their individuality.

How to choose eau de toilette for a man
How to choose eau de toilette for a man


Step 1

When choosing eau de toilette, focus primarily on the tastes and character of the donee: for men with a strong and domineering character, give eau de toilette or perfume with a strong, pungent aroma, and as a gift for romantics, choose men's perfumery with a fresh and light aroma. Original and memorable scents will be appreciated by lovers of a bright and unusual style of clothing, present to business people a classic perfume. A young man should be presented with a fresh and strong aroma, and mature men should be presented with perfume or eau de toilette with a pungent and deep smell.

Step 2

Keep in mind that if a loved one appreciates a passionate, bright and sensual scent, then relatives and friends should be presented with a neutral type of perfume. If the choice becomes difficult, just find out which perfume the man is currently using.

Step 3

Individualists with a difficult inner world, proud and selfish, most often like aromas with a predominance of vanilla and musk. For conservatives and businessmen, fragrances dominated by fern notes will suit. Fresh and light scents will be ideal for mobile, optimistic young people who prefer an active lifestyle and go in for sports. Woody notes in the perfume are suitable for older men.

Step 4

Choose eau de toilette according to the type of temperament: spicy scents with notes of cedar and sandalwood or amber aromas with notes of wormwood and bergamot correspond to the fire type. For those with a sensual temperament, unisex scents, fresh scents with hints of citrus will suit. For serenity, choose the delicate and light aromas of winter freshness or the sea breeze.

Step 5

Eau de toilette for men with a cheerful temperament should have a fresh fruity aroma and contain notes of citrus. For emotional men, choose woody scents with notes of cypress, juniper and coriander, or oriental scents. Sweet fruity scents, passionfruit and grapefruit aromas will suit the curious. The well-balanced will appreciate the spicy aromas with notes of tobacco and thyme.

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