What To Do If You Receive An SMS From Scammers

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What To Do If You Receive An SMS From Scammers
What To Do If You Receive An SMS From Scammers

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Since its inception, the mobile messaging service (SMS) has gained immense popularity due to its convenience, confidentiality and speed of information transfer. However, this type of messages fell in love not only with users and organizations, but also with all sorts of fraudsters who tirelessly invent more and more new ways of taking money using SMS from overly gullible citizens.

What to do if you receive an SMS from scammers
What to do if you receive an SMS from scammers


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There are a lot of ways to deceive using SMS nowadays. It is difficult to describe all of them, as well as the algorithm of actions of the recipient of such messages within the framework of one article. But you can give general recommendations, which, however, in each case will be very effective. First of all, if you receive a suspicious message from an unknown number, which in one way or another prompts you to transfer money to coordinates unknown to you, you should immediately understand that this is a fraudster. From whatever name he wrote: from a relative, bank, mobile operator, etc.

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You need to be very vigilant before sending SMS to short numbers. At the same time, you should not disclose your personal data, including details and codes of bank cards (real bank employees will never ask you for a pin code or a three-digit number on the card), and also be careful when following the links contained in SMS from short numbers.

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Large cellular operators are trying to protect their consumers from SMS scammers. As a rule, they provide a free service for SMS messages (receiving and sending) to short numbers, or they allow you to find out the exact cost of an SMS to a short number before sending it. Take advantage of these services. Also, if your phone is connected to the Internet, you need to install a good anti-virus program on it and monitor the constant relevance of its virus databases with regular updates.

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If, despite all the above warnings, you still become a victim of SMS scams, you need to notify your mobile operator, as well as the short number provider (you can find out who the provider is on the corporate website of the mobile operator) about the fact of fraud and illegal debiting of funds from invoices, if this was done using a short number; or contact the police with a statement if unknown persons require you to transfer money, posing as bank employees, relatives, etc.

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