How To Choose A Turk

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How To Choose A Turk
How To Choose A Turk

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Despite the fact that today very often coffee makers and coffee machines are installed in offices and at home, ground coffee brewed in a Turk will still be tastier. Its qualities are influenced by many factors that must be taken into account when purchasing dishes in which it will be cooked. How to choose the right Turk, we will tell you in this article.

How to choose a Turk
How to choose a Turk


Step 1

The turka should be cone-shaped. At the same time, the greater the difference between the diameter of the bottom and the neck, the better - solid coffee particles, rising up when boiling, hit the walls and settle, completely giving up their aroma and essential oils to the drink. This is facilitated by the foam, which clogs the neck of the Turks like a cork.

Step 2

The thicker the bottom and walls of the turkey, the better, because the more evenly the heating occurs, and all the particles of ground coffee are heated evenly, preserving all the qualities for which we value this invigorating and aromatic drink.

Step 3

The taste of the drink brewed in it does not depend at all on the volume of the Turks. In this case, be guided only by the amount of coffee that you need to brew. If you drink it together for breakfast, then choose a Turk with a volume of 250-300 ml.

Step 4

The material from which the Turk is made must have a high thermal conductivity for a more uniform heating during cooking. Of the metals in the manufacture of Turks, copper and bronze are most often used, which are coated with food tin from the inside to avoid food poisoning. A good choice would be a ceramic turkey with a glazed inner surface. This is necessary so that the coffee does not penetrate into the pores of the clay from which the turkey is made, so that it does not absorb and "remember" the aroma of different types of coffee.

Step 5

When choosing a Turk, also pay attention to its handle, it must be long and made of a material of low thermal conductivity, usually wood is used for this. It is better if the handle is attached to a metal rod, then it will not separate from the Turk, even if the tree dries up.

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