What Are James Bond's Favorite Drinks

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What Are James Bond's Favorite Drinks
What Are James Bond's Favorite Drinks

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Fans of James Bond films have calculated that a character on the screen, on average, drinks a portion of some kind of alcohol every 24, 3 minutes. For a long time it was believed that the favorite drink of the super agent was vodka with martini, but in all films and books this drink was found only 41 times, but whiskey 99 times. There are quite reliable recipes for drinks, mostly alcoholic cocktails that James Bond loved.

What are James Bond's favorite drinks
What are James Bond's favorite drinks

Vodka with martini

To prepare this cocktail, pour 75 grams of vodka (can be replaced with gin) and 15 grams of dry vermouth into a shaker, fill the remaining volume with ice cubes. Shake for 30 seconds and then pour into a cocktail glass. Decorate the drink with one olive.

Vesper martini

The book "Casino Royale", which was published in 1953, described the Vesper Martini cocktail recipe, which was highly respected by James Bond. In Chapter 7, a licensed-to-kill agent mixes the drink himself. He took three parts Gordon, one part vodka, half part Kina Lillet (French dry vermouth) and covered it all with ice. After mixing, he poured the drink into glasses, decorating the lemon peel with a thin spiral. Ian Fleming, the creator of the Bond saga, also loved this cocktail. The name of the cocktail was given in honor of Bond's beloved, who turned out to be a double agent, Vesper Lind.

Whiskey and soda

In the literary version of Bond, 007 drinks whiskey and soda 21 times, in the movies - not once. This cocktail will require 60 grams of scotch, bourbon or brandy and 10-20 grams of soda (to taste). Put ice in a glass, pour a strong drink, and pour a little soda on top. You do not need to stir the cocktail.

Vodka with tonic

In the book "Doctor No", published in 1958, Bond drinks gin and tonic, but in "In the Service of Her Majesty" (1963) - vodka and tonic. According to the classic recipe, vodka and tonic are poured into a glass in equal proportions, without shaking in a shaker. There must be ice in the glass before pouring the liquid. The cocktail can be garnished with a thin spiral of lime peel. In Bondiana, there is an indication of the secret ingredient that will give this cocktail a special taste - the Angostura bitter. It is a 45-degree beverage made from extracts of orange peel, gentian root, ginger, angelica, sandalwood and nutmeg flowers, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom.


Americano is another traditional James Bond cocktail. Most often this drink is mentioned in the book "View of the Murder". Americano agent 007 usually drinks before dinner as an aperitif. To make this cocktail, add a few ice cubes to a wide and low glass (for example, a glass for whiskey), pour 30 grams of campari and the same amount of sweet vermouth. Dilute with soda if necessary. The drink can be garnished with a slice of any citrus.


The word "stinger" in English is called anti-aircraft missiles, but a cocktail with this name is the most "unmanly" in all of Bondiana. He is mentioned only a couple of times: in "Diamonds Are Forever" and in "Ball Lightning". This cocktail can replace dessert. Put some ice in a whiskey glass, pour 50 grams of brandy and 20 grams of white menthol cream liqueur on top, stir well.

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