How To Find A Business By Name

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How To Find A Business By Name
How To Find A Business By Name

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Today the law allows the registration of firms and companies of the same name in different regions of the country. Therefore, there are quite a few namesakes on the market, among which it is difficult to find the company you need just by name.

How to find a business by name
How to find a business by name


Step 1

To begin with, arm yourself with patience and attentiveness, these two factors will save you both nerves and time. There are four most effective ways to find an item of interest: search through the tax office, search through the Internet, search through the help desk, and finally, search through print media.

Step 2

Tax Service Information that is not strictly confidential and does not belong to the sections of commercial secrets can be easily provided by the territorial inspectorate. In this case, most likely, the name alone will not be enough, and they will also demand from you the PSRN and TIN of the organization that interested you. Make a standard request, pay the state fee and feel free to send it to the tax office.

Step 3

Internet If it is not possible to find out the OGRN and TIN, and there is no desire to incur additional costs for paying the state fee, then use the second of the proposed methods - the Internet. Now there are a large number of sites focused on just such tasks. Such sites have a specialized query system that will quickly and efficiently find what you were looking for.

Step 4

Help desk Here everything is very simple, you just need to find out or find out the area in which the company is located, or the full name of its owner, or at least the business area.

Step 5

Printed catalogs A convenient thing for those who are not very attracted to search, in which it is required to compose certain queries. When using the catalog, remember that the system for arranging cataloged information is always structured alphabetically and by industry.

Step 6

If the search is related to legal proceedings, and the company simply disappeared or changed its name, then you cannot do without the help of a lawyer.

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