How To Forge An Iron Fist

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How To Forge An Iron Fist
How To Forge An Iron Fist

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Almost all existing schools of hand-to-hand combat pay special attention to practicing punches. As practice shows, in order to achieve the desired result, to forge an “iron fist”, long training sessions are required under the guidance of an experienced coach.

How to forge an iron fist
How to forge an iron fist


Step 1

Each direction of martial arts has its own techniques for practicing strikes. So, according to one of the methods of training boxers, exercises with a barbell and a wall pillow are used. Three times a week, every other day, at the end of the fifteen-minute warm-up, do exercises with a wall cushion on which you hit for 10 rounds at a pace of 1 hit for 3 seconds. The norm per workout is 500-600 strokes, with each being performed with maximum strength. The break between rounds is no more than 1 minute.

Step 2

On the interim days between hitting workouts, do barbell workouts. On these days, do the stretching with a barbell on the shoulders, the weight of which is 70% of the athlete's weight, torso turns with the bar on the shoulders - 5 sets of 20 repetitions each. At the end of your workout, do the bench press in 5 sets.

Step 3

In oriental martial arts, a slightly different approach, since the whole body is involved in the punch. This is how, for example, a tendon strike is practiced. To understand its principle, the athlete is asked to wet his hand with water and make a splashing motion at some target outside the outstretched arm.

Step 4

One effective way to train tendon strikes is to work on a loose towel or cloth. In this case, the blows should not be delivered with a carry, but on the surface with instant pulling. To set a strike, it is recommended to spend 3-5 rounds of three minutes. The improvement of the strike technique consists in the development of the form of the strike force and an increase in its speed. Both single blows and blows in series with maximum force are performed.

Step 5

With each workout, strive to hit the next layer of fabric, as if going deeper into it. After about two months, you can start practicing blows to the paws and bags, using the well-established technique of tendon blows. On average, it takes a year to set up a quick hit with regular training 3 times a week.

Step 6

It is good to practice the punch on boxing paws. Hit extremely hard and quickly, without slowing down your hands. Practice with bare hands, but bandages or light gloves can be used if necessary. Damage to the finger joints should be avoided when striking.

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