How To Pump Up A Soccer Ball

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How To Pump Up A Soccer Ball
How To Pump Up A Soccer Ball
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The correct inflating of the soccer ball is the key to good play and durability of the product. In order not to create problems for yourself in the future, you should buy sports accessories in a set: not only the ball itself, but also a special pump, a pumping needle and silicone oil. Then you will not waste time looking for the right equipment and make the extra effort to pump up a soccer ball with the help of available tools.

How to pump up a soccer ball
How to pump up a soccer ball

It is necessary

  • - silicone oil;
  • - pump for pumping balls;
  • - a needle for pumping balls;
  • - ballpoint pen shaft, medical needle, electrical tape, scissors, bicycle or car pump (if necessary).


Step 1

Get quality silicone oil from a sporting goods store specially formulated for balls (Select type). For one time, you will only need to apply a couple of drops of this product to the needle or directly to the nipple itself. This is necessary to protect the inner surface of the valve from damage, to make the nipple of the product more elastic and durable.

Step 2

If you have to pump up a soccer ball in the field, in the absence of specialized oil, you can moisten the needle with saliva, but not with industrial lubricants for other purposes. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the nipple material.

Step 3

Hold the soccer ball by the hole panel and carefully insert the inflating needle into the nipple. Pay attention to its quality - the end of the needle should not in any case have sharp burrs.

Step 4

Pump the ball with a special pump, carefully following the readings of the monometer. Usually, the optimal pressure in sports equipment is indicated by the manufacturer on the surface of the product, in the area of ​​the nipple. For a soccer ball, these indicators can be from 0.4 to 0.9 bar.

Step 5

If you do not have a pressure gauge on your pump, measure the amount of ball inflated by the eye. "Correct" sports equipment should not have a loose surface, but also not be too hard - the pumped ball deforms over time, the optimal volume changes and the seams may deteriorate.

Step 6

If you have to pump up a soccer ball without specialized tools, try using a bicycle or car pump. Instead of a pumping needle, you can take an empty and clean ballpoint pen without a metal tip, or replace it with a medical needle. To make the homemade device fit snugly into the pump tip, wrap the tip with electrical tape to the required diameter. When working with a sharp needle, be careful not to pierce the product!

Step 7

Do a simple experiment. Lift your inflated sports equipment up to shoulder level and drop to the floor. If he jumped to the waist, you were able to pump the ball correctly.

Step 8

After the game, it is recommended to let some air out of the ball so that the product is not kept as inflated as possible. This simple technique, which is used by experienced athletes, will keep the product elastic for a long time, and density to its seams.

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