How To Choose A Good Hookah

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How To Choose A Good Hookah
How To Choose A Good Hookah

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The choice of a functional kalyanaya is a task that requires a serious approach. There are no trifles in the hookah, and therefore you need to choose carefully, checking every detail. Only then the chances of making a good purchase and providing yourself with your favorite pastime for years become very, very great. Hookah consists of many parts. In order not to make a mistake in your choice, pay attention to each of them.

How to choose a good hookah
How to choose a good hookah


Step 1

Tobacco Bowl At the top of the hookah there is a bowl in which the tobacco is placed. As a rule, it is made of ceramic or metal. A ceramic bowl is more practical because it keeps the temperature better. Choose a hookah with a tobacco bowl that has several shallow holes. It is more convenient to use it.

Step 2

MineMetal mine can be made of steel, copper, brass and others. Steel tubes are the most practical. Please note that the part of the shaft immersed in water must be made of metal that does not corrode: stainless steel, copper.

Step 3

Flask The most practical is the glass bulb. Metal can be deformed, rusty, difficult to maintain. When buying a hookah with a glass flask, be sure to check it for leaks by pouring a little water into it.

Step 4

Tubes, pipe, mouthpieces The best pipes are made of leather. Wood is the most suitable material for the pipes. When buying a hookah, be sure to check the tightness of the hose by plugging its hole and blowing it into the place where the mouthpiece is located. The pipe and mouthpiece made of wood must not be:

- covered with varnish (this coating is quickly erased);

- made of resinous, coniferous varieties of wood or aromatic wood such as sandalwood.

Step 5

Size The taller the smoking device, the better it is. The optimal hookah height is about one and a half meter. However, if there is no extra money, then you can limit yourself to a half-meter design, although its "smoking" characteristics will be somewhat worse. Such a device is not capable of filtering and cooling smoke as efficiently as a tall hookah does.

Step 6

Hookah tightness The most important property of the device is its tightness. It is she who provides the pleasure that hookah smoking gives to connoisseurs of this activity. Therefore, when choosing, be sure to check the device for leaks. To do this, on a fully assembled device, remove the tobacco bowl, plug the hole at the top of the shaft with your finger, and then try to draw air through the mouthpiece. If the device is sealed, then you will fail.

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