How To Consecrate A Candle

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How To Consecrate A Candle
How To Consecrate A Candle

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In everyday life, candles are used not only as a source of light in the absence of electricity. They have many other uses. Church candles are used to illuminate the house, remove the evil eye, and perform various rituals. In this article, we will talk about how to consecrate a candle yourself if it was not bought in a church.

How to consecrate a candle
How to consecrate a candle


Step 1

To bless a candle, immerse it in a bowl of holy water for a few minutes. Instead of holy water, you can use pure mineral (without gas), spring or distilled water. Light the incense and let it burn a little. Instead of incense, you can use a collection of cleansing herbs.

Step 2

Remove the candle from the holy water and let it dry a little. Sweep the candle through frankincense or herbal cleansing smoke. The rite of consecration of the candle should be performed in the room where the icons or the Crucifixion are located. After you have completed the above procedures, read the prayers over the candle to complete the ceremony.

Step 3

When the candle is consecrated, the prayer of Our Father must be read three times at the very beginning. After reading our Father, all the time, holding a candle in your hands, say the following prayer: "To the Creator and creator of the human race, the giver of spiritual grace, the giver of eternal salvation: Lord Himself, send Your Holy Spirit on this thing (while we call the thing, for example: "these candles"), as if it is armed with the power of heavenly intercession, who wants to use it, it will help to bodily salvation and intercession, and help, in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen."

Step 4

Finish the ceremony with the words: "This thing is blessed and sanctified by sprinkling of this sacred water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen." While pronouncing these words, sprinkle the candle three times with holy water and seal it, that is, make a cross over it. The candle can be used for ceremonies, as you have just consecrated it.

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