How To Make A Boilie With Your Own Hands

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How To Make A Boilie With Your Own Hands
How To Make A Boilie With Your Own Hands

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Boyle is a very popular bait among fishermen. It can be prepared by mixing a variety of baits in one ball, followed by heat treatment. By the way, different types of boilies are prepared in different ways.

Boilie preparation
Boilie preparation

Varieties of boilies

To date, boilies are very widespread, due to the fact that they allow you to attract carp, carp and other fairly large fish. In specialized stores you can find a variety of baits, from which fishermen can make their own boilies.

Manufacturing does not require global time and material costs. But before you start cooking boilies, you should decide on their main types. It's just that the cooking process, depending on the variety, has its own nuances. There are bait and dexterous bait balls. They differ in the concentration of the bait. In turn, dexterous boilies are divided into floating and sinking.

How to make a boilie: general guidelines

To begin with, a dough is made from different types of flour. Then cereals are added to it. The resulting dough is rolled into long sausages and cut into pieces of the desired size. After that, balls are rolled out of them. Well, these balls are already prepared by different methods, depending on the type of boilie.

Features of cooking sinking and floating boilies

It is recommended to boil the sinking boilie well and then dry it for several days. It must become very hard so that it can stay at the bottom and not sag. Some fishermen try to freeze this bait just before fishing.

As for the floating boilie, it should not be boiled at all. It will be enough to bake the balls in the microwave until they form a hard crust. Such a bait swims well, but quickly becomes limp in the water. To prevent rapid decay, inclusions from pieces of cork should be used. A wine stopper will do. After adding such an ingredient, the boilie can be used as a sinker.

A proven recipe for carp bait

If you are looking to catch a large carp, you can use the following tips for making a special boilie. So, mix a glass of corn flour and soy flour with two glasses of soy flour and a glass of powdered milk. Break two eggs into the resulting mixture and add three tablespoons of vegetable oil. You will also need to add flavor and a teaspoon of dye. Then the boilies should be prepared as described above.

As a result, you should have an excellent bait, the effectiveness of which has been repeatedly tested by fishermen.

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