How To Attach Bindings To Children's Skis

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How To Attach Bindings To Children's Skis
How To Attach Bindings To Children's Skis
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For young skiers, semi-rigid ski bindings are considered optimal. A child who has recently started skiing moves slowly and unsteadily and, as a result, often freezes while skiing. Semi-rigid bindings allow toddlers to ski in warm winter shoes. Parents do not have to worry that the baby's feet will freeze and he will catch a cold.

How to attach bindings to children's skis
How to attach bindings to children's skis

It is necessary

  • - a set of mounts;
  • - ruler;
  • - pencil;
  • - awl;
  • - drill


Step 1

Check the completeness of the semi-rigid child mount. The scope of delivery should include: two brackets with straps, two small brackets, two complete locks, two springs and two plates. The kit should also include a set of four A4-16 screws, eight A4-18 screws and two buckles.

Step 2

Take a ruler. Place the ski with the sliding surface on the edge of the ruler. Set the center of gravity of the ski. To do this, you need to move the ski along the ruler until the ski takes a position strictly parallel to the floor. Mark the center of gravity with a pencil.

Step 3

Install the plate so that the front end of the plate is at the mark you made earlier.

Step 4

In accordance with the marks "L" and "PR", bring the staples under the plate.

Step 5

Using an awl, mark the holes for the screws. Install the screws so that the brackets can be adjusted to suit the size of the shoe.

Step 6

Fix the plate and side brackets with screws.

Step 7

Place the buckle on the belt. Slide the belt into the slot in the small bracket. Adjust the belt tension according to your shoe size.

Step 8

Insert the shoes into the bindings. Slide the spring over the heel of your shoe. Snap the spring into the lugs of the side brackets.

Step 9

Place the lock on the longitudinal axis of the ski. Place the lock bracket in an upright position.

Step 10

Slide the spring over the lower groove in the bracket so that it is not tensioned. Fasten the ski lock with screws. In order to increase the spring tension, it is recommended to use the upper or middle grooves of the bracket.

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