How To Choose Good Earplugs

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How To Choose Good Earplugs
How To Choose Good Earplugs

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There are several important parameters to consider when choosing earplugs. Compliance with the recommendations of experts will allow you to buy such earmolds that are comfortable and provide high-quality protection against noise.

Soft silicone earplugs for juicy sleep
Soft silicone earplugs for juicy sleep


Step 1

Earplugs are designed to close the ear canal. They help to get rid of the influence of loud sounds and prevent water from flowing into the ears. If possible, you need to try them on before buying.

Step 2

There are several criteria for choosing earmolds. First, the earplugs must be made of a material that provides good sound reduction and health safety. Secondly, to have such a shape that it fits snugly and does not fall out of the ear. That is, their use should be comfortable for humans.

Step 3

There are several types of earplugs: for sleeping, swimming, flying, for musicians. They are all made from different materials and have different levels of noise reduction. For example, sleep earmolds provide 20-45 dB of sound reduction. They can be made of thermoplastic, polyurethane foam, silicone. You need to choose earplugs according to a number of criteria: softness and shape memory, hygiene, size.

Step 4

The second parameter most important for comfortable use is the ability to remember the shape. Squeeze the earmold before inserting it into your ear. As a result, you should get a thin tube that is able to adapt to all the curves of the ear canal. Before buying, you need to make sure that the earplugs recover well after being compressed. If they do not meet this criterion, the earbuds may fall out of your ears and will not protect you from noise.

Step 5

The softness of the material is also important, since its sufficiency will ensure the absence of morning pain that occurs in the auricle after using the earplugs. In terms of hygiene, these liners are reusable and disposable. For systematic use, you can buy both, the main thing is to ensure that they are not contaminated with earwax.

Step 6

Make sure that the earplugs are the correct size for your ear. Otherwise, not only discomfort, lack of noise cancellation is ensured, but also earmolds fall out. A special lace, which many manufacturers equip their products with, will help to avoid their loss.

Step 7

Swimming earplugs (hydroplags) are mostly made of soft silicone. You need to buy those that rise slightly above the auricle. These earplugs protect the ear canal well from water and dirt. These earbuds are also suitable for those who suffer from otitis media and have damage to the eardrum. They are also good for sleeping, as they provide excellent protection against loud noises. Judging by the reviews, silicone earplugs are the most comfortable and practical.

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