How To Learn To Breathe Underwater

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How To Learn To Breathe Underwater
How To Learn To Breathe Underwater

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Do you like the sea and swim? Do you like to dive? Have you ever dived? Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the topic of proper breathing should be of interest to you. To breathe well, you need to follow a number of rules and listen to recommendations.

How to learn to breathe underwater
How to learn to breathe underwater


Step 1

First you need to learn to deep, calm breathing. It should be slow, filling the lungs with fresh air to the limit. An equally important detail is exhalation, which will also slowly and calmly push the used air out. Do not be lazy and practice, it just seems easy: breathe in the above way. This is actually a highly effective exercise that should be done every day in order to build a habit.

Step 2

You also need to know that while underwater, you need to take a short pause after inhaling. But never hold your breath. The effect will be the opposite. So why do you need this pause after inhaling. It's simple, to enrich the blood with oxygen.

Step 3

In addition, it is recommended to swim slowly under water so as not to provoke increased breathing and increased oxygen consumption, which you are trying to use in the right way. Try to make all your movements smooth and move at a pace that does not harm even breathing. Also strive to reduce drag with water. Do not wear additional equipment and swim straight, keeping your torso stretched like an arrow, and let your arms merge with your body.

Step 4

Paradoxically, good physical shape will help your normal breathing during diving. One way or another, throughout the entire swim, you will overcome the resistance of the water, and this is exhausting. Therefore, do not neglect home fitness or go to the gym. Regular exercise will strengthen your endurance and help you stay on track for longer.

Step 5

Finally, don't freeze. It is known that when cooling, a person spends more air under water, since this valuable product begins to go to attract more oxygen. And he, in turn, is used to generate additional energy. Are you thinking? There is something. The price of the issue is the extra 20% of the air from your diving tank.

Step 6

Now you have some valuable advice, and you should be in a hurry to try it. Dive and feel like a fish in water!

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