How To Get Into The Elite Troops

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How To Get Into The Elite Troops
How To Get Into The Elite Troops
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Service in the elite troops has always been considered prestigious. This is career growth, cleanliness in payroll calculations, and just very interesting. But you need to understand that applicants will have to go through a rather difficult selection and meet strict requirements.

How to get into the elite troops
How to get into the elite troops

Kremlin troops

To serve in the Kremlin troops, you must meet certain physical requirements. In particular, you need to be at least 175 cm tall and not higher than 190 cm. It is also worth noting that the weight should be in normal proportion to such a tall figure. In addition, the sharpness of each eye cannot be lower than 0, 7 and have an acceptable color perception. There are also restrictions that prevent him from serving in the Kremlin troops. For example, an applicant must not have relatives abroad, have complaints from the police and be registered with a psychiatrist, narcologist and dermatologist.

Internal troops

Any conscript who has no abnormalities in physical condition can get into service in the internal troops. As a rule, it is enough to voice your desire to an employee of the military enlistment office and argue for it. However, the Internal Troops themselves are not considered elite. This definition includes special forces such as Vityaz, Alpha, FSB and GRU. It is possible to become an employee of such elite units only after completing military service or graduating from the military department. Only those who pass certain tests will be able to apply for service in these units. Quite complex psychological and physical tests have been developed for applicants to determine readiness for service. Examiners will test both firearms training and the ability to withstand an opponent in hand-to-hand combat, and endurance. In addition, the applicant's biography, his family ties are carefully studied, and consent to the service is taken from his parents and spouses.

External intelligence

Applicants whose age ranges from 22 to 30 years old are suitable for service in foreign intelligence. It is necessary to have a higher technical or humanitarian education, as well as be fluent in one foreign language, the level of which is determined by the employees of the organization. In addition, most final grade marks in higher education must be high. The restrictions on the passage of service are no different from the requirements of other elite units. Compliance with physical and intellectual training is mandatory, as well as the absence of a criminal record and foreign citizenship.

Almost every type of troops in Russia has its own elite unit. To clarify the information that will help you get closer to getting a job, you can ask the military registration and enlistment office or the relevant department.

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