How To Tie Footcloths

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How To Tie Footcloths
How To Tie Footcloths
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Footcloths, of course, are something outdated. But there are times when the ability to wrap footcloths can come in handy. For example, if you went camping and burned your socks while drying them over a fire - donate a T-shirt and make two footcloths.

How to tie footcloths
How to tie footcloths

It is necessary

footcloths or two pieces of soft cotton fabric, approximately 35x90


Step 1

In order for you to feel comfortable in the footcloth and not to rub your legs, you need to wind it in a certain way. By the way, experienced users of footcloths wrap them up so masterly that they can compensate for the difference in shoe and foot sizes, which, of course, helps a lot when walking or running for a long time.

You need to start winding the footcloth from the toe outward, and not "inward, so that this object does not get lost from wearing. When you properly fasten the footcloth on the leg, you will find that this limb turns out to be wrapped in two layers, which retains heat well and does not let through for longer moisture.

Even if you get your feet wet, you can rewind the footcloths with a dry end onto your foot. For some time, the feet and the wet side will dry out from the warmth - so, by changing the sides of the footcloths, you will get to your destination in relative comfort.

Step 2

The fabric for footcloths is not stitched or swept, so that no extra parts rub or irritate the skin of the legs. Summer footcloths are made of cotton or broadcloth, and winter footcloths are made from a mixed fabric of 50% wool and 50% cotton or from a bikini. It is enough to rewind the footcloth wiped on the foot with the other side so that you do not feel discomfort again.

Before winding up the footcloths, if possible, it is advisable to wash your feet and wipe them dry. Trim your toenails, but not too short so that they do not cut into the ball of your toe. If you have very sweating feet, then you need to wash them more often with soap and water, over time, with good hygiene, this problem should become less acute.

When winding the footcloths, make sure that no rough folds, creases and scars form - everything that can rub your feet with.

Step 3

Spread the footcloth on a dry, clean, level surface (when hiking, try to find at least a dry area free of debris). If you already know how to wrap the footcloth on weight, then straighten it and pull it with your hands.

Place your right foot on the cloth closer to the right edge, stepping back 20 centimeters from it, your toes should not touch the edge of the footcloth. Take the resulting small corner with your right hand and cover the leg with it, straightening all the folds. Slip this corner under the sole and hold it with a cloth stretched with your left hand. Pull the edge of the footcloth over the heel to smooth the fabric over the sole.

Cover the first layer tightly with a large piece and wrap, changing hands, back of the foot, sole and heel as shown in the picture. Pull the free edge of the footcloth along the lower leg, and with the end that remained behind, cover the lower part of the lower leg, covering the front edge of the panel. So the heel is wrapped in a footcloth!

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