How To Wind A Line On A Spool

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How To Wind A Line On A Spool
How To Wind A Line On A Spool

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Preparing a spinning rod for fishing is a serious business, and not at all easy. One of the most important steps is winding the line on the spool. The casting distance of the spinning rod, the frequency of line drops from the bobbin, and the possible formation of a "beard" - entangled areas depend on the correctness of this procedure.

How to wind a line on a spool
How to wind a line on a spool


Step 1

There are several ways to properly wind the fishing line on the spinning spool. Fix the spinning reel in the reel seat, take the end of the line from the reel and thread it into the first (from the reel) ring of the fishing rod. Fold out the bow of the spool and tie the line to the spool. Close the bow and move the small instant brake lever on the reel (located at the back of the reel or at the bottom) so that the reel only rotates in one direction. Clamp the rod handle between your legs, hold the reel with the line in the middle by the hole with the fingers of your right hand, wind the fishing line with your left, rotating the reel handle.

Step 2

To wind the line in a different way, you will need an assistant. Insert a pencil or fountain pen (or any other refill) into the hole on the reel. Pass the line through the rings of the spinning rod and tie it to the spool or backing (additional reel). Ask your helper to stand so that the axis of the reel in his hands (pencil or pen) is perpendicular to the rod. Reel in the line by rotating the reel handle. Don't forget the instant brake lever.

Step 3

There is another way to wind the line. It is the lightest and most correct, because the line is wound on the spool neatly and evenly. Place the line spool in a container of water. Take the tip of the line and thread it into the rings of the spinning rod, tie it to the reel or backing. Wrap the line around the spool, holding it slightly with your hand and creating a slight tension. Experienced fishermen perform these manipulations right on the bank, placing the reel in the river.

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