How To Determine Your Voice Type

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How To Determine Your Voice Type
How To Determine Your Voice Type

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It is very important for any vocalist to know his type of voice in order to work on it correctly in the future. And if the type of voice is defined incorrectly, then as a result of the wrong course of formation it can be lost. Therefore, you need to know the basic rules for determining the type of voice.

How to determine your voice type
How to determine your voice type


Step 1

Sign up for a lesson with a vocal teacher. In the future, he will be able to help determine the type of voice from your singing.

Step 2

Help the specialist find a song that you can sing long enough without stressing your vocal cords. Better if this song will display the upper and lower limits of your voice.

Step 3

Sing along with the selected song with expression. Then it will be easier for the teacher to define your tessitura. This means that he will be able to define comfortable singing ranges in which you can sing without fatigue and with pleasure.

Step 4

How you sing plays a big role in determining your voice type. Determine whether you are falsetto or singing a song in a chest voice. An experienced vocal trainer can help you determine your voice type while performing a vocal part.

Step 5

Each type of voice corresponds to a different length of the vocal cords. Find an experienced phoniatrist to help you determine the length of your vocal cords. Remember - the thinner the vocal cords, the higher the type of voice.

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