How To Learn To Write Quickly By Hand

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How To Learn To Write Quickly By Hand
How To Learn To Write Quickly By Hand

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Despite the widespread use of computers, handwriting is still a necessary skill. And often you have to write quickly, but not everyone can do it.

How to learn to write quickly by hand
How to learn to write quickly by hand


Step 1

Write in conditions suitable for this action. Writing quickly, bent over and leaning on his own knees, was hardly possible even for the most experienced scribe. In order to write text at high speed, you need to sit at a table that will resemble your height. You also need a chair, always with a back.

Step 2

Get into a comfortable position. You need to sit with a straight back, leaning on the back of a chair. Keep your body straight and keep your head and shoulders level (not slouching). Place your feet on the floor, making sure that your knees are bent ninety degrees. The distance between the table and the chest should be two palms.

Step 3

Place the sheet in front of you with the bottom-left edge at the center of your chest. That is, the paper should lie slightly to the right of your torso.

Step 4

Find the handle that's right for you. This is done by trial and error. Try several types in a stationery store - different thicknesses, shapes, and materials. Choose a refill that allows you to write faster (thin or thick, depending on your preference).

Step 5

Hold the handle correctly. For quick writing, hold the pen with three fingers so that your thumb and forefinger are holding it, and it lies on the middle. The ring and pinky fingers remain slightly bent, relaxed, and motionless. Do not squeeze the handle, try to hold it effortlessly, without straining.

Step 6

If your hand still gets tired despite the correct position of the fingers, you may need to train it. Get an expander and practice with it for ten minutes a day. For children, a special "chewing gum" has been created for the development of the hand.

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