How To Grow A Palm Tree From Seed

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How To Grow A Palm Tree From Seed
How To Grow A Palm Tree From Seed

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The homeland of the palm tree is the tropics and subtropics, where the representatives of the palm trees reach enormous sizes. Dwarf varieties of palms are grown at home, which grow rather slowly: Forstera, Belmora, Bonneti, Robelini, Washingtonia, Brachea and others. In total, 250 types of decorative palms are suitable for home conditions. You can grow a plant from a seed.

How to grow a palm tree from seed
How to grow a palm tree from seed

It is necessary

  • - seeds;
  • - soil mixture;
  • - pots.


Step 1

To plant palm seeds, purchase planting material at a flower shop. Ask for the quality certificate, which indicates the date of collection of seeds. Plant seeds that have been stored for no more than 3 years. The younger the harvested seeds, the faster they will germinate and the more likely they will be able to grow a palm tree.

Step 2

Prepare potting potting soil. The mixture is best purchased at a gardening store, intended for flowers. It has a light structure and rich composition, which additionally guarantees success in growing palm from seed.

Step 3

If the seeds are very hard, file them gently. Soak the planting material in a weak solution of mineral fertilizers for 3-4 days. Treat the seeds before sowing with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Step 4

You can sow several seeds in one pot. Sow 3 cm deep and 4 cm apart. Place the pots in a warm place. Make sure that the soil does not dry out at all times. It is impossible to cover the crops with foil, as is done when forcing seedlings of other plants, since palm trees sprout for a long time, about 30-60 days, so if the crops are covered, the soil will be covered with a layer of mold.

Step 5

After sprouting and the appearance of the first leaf, when the plant reaches a height of 10 cm, make a pick. Plant one palm in each pot. Transplanting palms is no different from the usual planting of any plants. Dig up carefully, compact in another pot so that the roots do not peep out, pour, put in a warm, bright place.

Step 6

Every 2 weeks, feed with complex mineral fertilizers and systematically water young plants. Watering with warm, settled water is very moderate, with abundant watering, palm trees begin to hurt and may die.

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