How To Engrave An Inscription On A Gift

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How To Engrave An Inscription On A Gift
How To Engrave An Inscription On A Gift

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To make an engraving, you need to know where this service is provided and what its cost depends on. If you buy an engraving machine, you can make a congratulatory inscription yourself. This will require knowledge of the features of processing different materials and the skill of working with such a technique.

Glass engraving
Glass engraving

In some cases, it is customary to present gifts with a congratulatory engraving. Such presentations are good for anniversaries, for special significant events. The inscription personalizes the gift and gives it great value. It can be done in different ways on almost any material. It is applied to the fabric by means of paints or markers, but engraving is performed only on wood, glass, stone or metal.

How is engraving done?

For this purpose, there are special devices: diamond and laser. The principle of operation of the first is similar to a drill. With the help of quick turns of the nozzle, a depression is formed on the surface of the metal or glass and an inscription is made. Engraving with a hand held device is in many ways as easy as writing with a pen or pencil. But it is necessary to have experience with such a device, otherwise the lines will turn out to be sloppy. In terms of technological features, a machine for laser processing of products is practically no different from a diamond one.

The complexity of the cut lies not only in the vibrations of the machine, but also in the ability to determine the accuracy of the pressure (engraving depth) and the clarity of hand movements. On gifts that are large in size, it is much more difficult to complete the inscription. Such a product will not fit on the table or on the hands, and the master is often forced to work in an uncomfortable position for him.

The cost of engraving depends on the complexity of the pattern, the size of the letters or ornament, and the length of the inscription. The material on which it is executed plays an important role in determining the price. For example, wood carving is much easier than glass carving. The latter also includes porcelain with ceramics. All of them are fragile material, rather inconvenient to work with. The complexity of work on stone or metal is almost the same. It mainly depends on the size of the product, the amount of work, the timing of its completion and the complexity of the pattern.

Where to engrave a gift?

A congratulatory inscription on jewelry can be made in specialized workshops. Usually the shops selling these jewelry will have information about where these services are provided. The price will depend not only on the complexity of the inscription, but also on how expensive the jewelry itself is. Engraving is performed on both gold and silver.

Stone carving is often done where monuments are made. These workshops are equipped with special equipment for processing this material. There you can also order an inscription on a metal item of a larger size than jewelry. Wood carving, due to its lower complexity, is carried out in all workshops. If you buy a manual engraving machine, you can make the inscription on the gift yourself.

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