How To Show Siberia On The Map

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How To Show Siberia On The Map
How To Show Siberia On The Map

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Despite the increasing popularity of navigators and other electronic devices designed to help a person navigate the terrain, the typographic map will not be out of use anytime soon. Its greatest advantage is that it does not require a power source. Therefore, on a long journey, you need to take it with you at least just in case. It is necessary to be able to navigate on the map, and first of all to find the necessary regions and their borders. For example, Siberia.

How to show Siberia on the map
How to show Siberia on the map

It is necessary

  • - physical map of Russia, Asia or the world;
  • - pointer;
  • - a gazetteer.


Step 1

Learn to navigate with a typographic map. North is always at the top, south, respectively, at the bottom, west is on the left, and east is on the right. Siberia is located on the mainland, which is called Eurasia. The Asian part of this continent is located on the right side, behind the Ural ridge. Find and show this ridge.

Find the borders of Siberia
Find the borders of Siberia

Step 2

Read the assignment carefully. The name "Siberia" in different epochs was applied to different territories. Of course, the main parts of this region have always been located between the Ural ridge in the west and the watershed ridges along the Pacific coast in the east. But at different times the Far East and even part of Kazakhstan were added to these territories. Siberia in the modern sense is part of the territory of Russia.

Step 3

Find the main anchor points on the map. From the west and north, the borders of Siberia can be traced quite clearly. This is the Ural ridge, dividing Eurasia into two parts, and the Arctic Ocean.

Step 4

Determine the southern border of Siberia. In the modern sense, it coincides with the state border of Russia in this region. As for the eastern borders of the region, it is necessary to distinguish between physical-geographical and administrative boundaries. In the first case, the Republic of Sakha is part of Siberia, in the second, this territory belongs to the Far East region.

Step 5

Siberia is divided into 2 parts - western and eastern. Western Siberia is bounded in the south by the state border of Russia, in the east it is separated from the European part of the country by the Ural ridge, the northern border is the Arctic Ocean, and the western border is the Yenisei River, which in this case is the border between the West and the East of the region. Most of Eastern Siberia is a plateau. Western Siberia is a plain that gradually rises to the east and south.

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