How To Create A Driving Directions

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How To Create A Driving Directions
How To Create A Driving Directions

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On many sites, in the contact information section, you can almost always find a route to a store or office. It is most often created on the basis of existing maps. Using one of them, you can always find the way to the desired object.

How to create a driving directions
How to create a driving directions

It is necessary

  • - the exact address
  • - virtual city layout
  • - web design program


Step 1

Select a map over the Internet and adjust the desired area by zooming and positioning. Then click "Print Screen". If the simulated area is wider than in the photo, adjust the size.

Step 2

Create a standard Plain object. Open the Material Editor, go to the Maps tab and set the color. In the "Maps browser" select "bitmap" and load the previously created file as a texture.

Step 3

Apply the texture to the previously created Plain object. Activate texture mapping.

Step 4

Right click on the "Snaps Toggle" and set the snap. You can set the grid step as needed. To do this, use the line, marking the necessary structures and buildings. Select all the outlined objects and apply the Extrude modifier.

Step 5

Find the point that will provide the best view of all entrances to the object, and position the camera. If you want to animate the scene, use a line to route it. In the "Motion" tab, specify the motion path. Use a rigid connection of objects to bind the camera to the car. It remains to save the file and get the directions in the form of a video. Create a location map in a unique way and you will get the style and color you need to match your site, as well as more convenient navigation for your visitors.

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