Is It Possible For A Mere Mortal To Get To Baikonur

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Is It Possible For A Mere Mortal To Get To Baikonur
Is It Possible For A Mere Mortal To Get To Baikonur

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Until now, it is generally accepted that it is impossible for outsiders to get to the Baikonur cosmodrome, that the entrance there is open only to scientists, military men and, in fact, astronauts. In fact, it is not so

Travel to Baikonur - a chance to visit
Travel to Baikonur - a chance to visit


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Now travel agencies are actively offering travelers to visit the once closed space town. Now anyone can come to the Baikonur cosmodrome and watch the launch of manned and unmanned spacecraft from the cosmodrome itself. True, for this unforgettable pleasure and touching the childhood dream, tourists have to shell out a large sum of money. But the price of the voucher, as a rule, includes not only the cost of a round-trip flight and sightseeing, but also accommodation, registration of all admissions and approval of visits (after all, the object is still not simple, and you cannot walk on it without special permission), and permission for amateur photo and video filming.

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Baikonur city still continues to improve, becoming more and more attractive for tourists. The city authorities have bold plans and projects to attract even more guests here. But even now the organizers of the trip promise a comfortable stay in the city: well-equipped, comfortable hotels, special tourist transport.

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For three days, tourists will be offered to take a sightseeing tour of the cosmodrome, to see its historical sites (for example, the Soyuz and Proton launch complexes, the Proton assembly and test buildings and RSC Energia), visit the Gagarin Launch and the Museum of History cosmonautics, memorial houses of Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev. The highlight of the program will be the launch of a spacecraft, which tourists can observe from a safe distance of 2-3 kilometers. Some VIP tours even allow you to inspect the spacecraft before launch and the site after launch, attend press conferences and corporate events, take the crew on a space flight, and work out on special simulators.

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