How To Find A Village

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How To Find A Village
How To Find A Village

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The massive resettlement of people to cities has led to the emergence of abandoned villages that are no longer indicated on modern maps. The search for such settlements is an exciting activity, during which skills in working with archives appear, new acquaintances are made and the ability to navigate the terrain develops.

How to find a village
How to find a village

It is necessary

  • - a computer connected to the Internet;
  • - map;
  • - compass;
  • - reliable footwear;
  • - clothes with long legs and sleeves.


Step 1

Check with your regional archive. It contains old maps and documents that mention the village you are looking for. You can find the addresses and phone numbers of archives of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation on the official website of the Federal Archival Agency (Rosarkhiv) in the "Regional Archives" section

Step 2

Try to find an abandoned village on the site of the disappeared cities of Russia and the USSR in the section “Unknown metropolis. Villages, settlements, estates destroyed by modern urban development”

Step 3

Ask old-timers, historians, ethnographers, foresters and hunters living in the nearest settlement to the proposed location of the village. Perhaps they can help you find information.

Step 4

Create a thread asking for help finding a village in your local hitchhiker's forum.

Step 5

After you establish the approximate location of the wanted settlement, purchase a modern map of the area and go in search.

Step 6

Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes, clothing with long legs and sleeves. Stock up on food and water. Take a compass. Let someone know where you are going to go, what time you plan to return. The best option would be to hike in search of an abandoned village together with someone who is well versed in the area.

Step 7

When in place, be guided by rivers and bodies of water. Typically, settlements are located near water sources, on higher elevations. Pay attention to the surrounding vegetation: in the place of abandoned villages, apple trees, bird cherry trees, raspberries have been growing for a long time; from herbs - nettle, burdock, quinoa. If the settlement was abandoned more than 50 years ago, then in its place the trees are shorter and younger than the surrounding forest.

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