How To Warm Up Your Tent In Winter

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How To Warm Up Your Tent In Winter
How To Warm Up Your Tent In Winter
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The issue of heating the tent in winter is very relevant for those who like winter hiking. The comfort of travelers and their health depends on how it is decided. What ways are there to keep the tent at the right temperature during the cold season?

How to warm up your tent in winter
How to warm up your tent in winter

It is necessary

  • - petrol or gas lamp,
  • - portable stove,
  • - aluminum pipe,
  • - candle,
  • - polyethylene film.


Step 1

Use gasoline and gas lamps. They are very effective but burn oxygen quickly. When using them, you should take care of safety measures. It is best to purchase pendant lamps protected by a glass envelope. Such devices will also help illuminate the tent. The light will be dim, but no more is required on the hike.

Step 2

Place a portable stove or a collapsible stove in the tent. This option is best suited for large tents and tents, since the size of such heaters is quite large. On the other hand, the heat transfer will be good, and the tent will warm up quickly.

Step 3

In the absence of special devices, use simple folk methods of heating the tent. Find stones, heat them in a fire and put them in a pot. By giving off heat, the stones will warm the tent for two to three hours. You can put a regular candle. Of course, it will not heat up the air much, but the temperature will rise by a couple of degrees. Be very careful when using candles or a fire may result. Better to put the candle in a glass jar.

Step 4

Take a pipe made of aluminum, hang it with one end over the fire, and take the other into the tent. The fire should be built below the level of the tent. The heated air will flow through the pipe to the inside of the tent.

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