How To Find Your Time Zone

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How To Find Your Time Zone
How To Find Your Time Zone

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The time zone in which a particular area is located depends on its geographic longitude. There are twenty-four such belts in total - according to the number of hours in a day. The zero belt is the one on which the Greenwich Observatory in Great Britain is located.

How to find your time zone
How to find your time zone


Step 1

Please note that GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) are equivalent. Their only difference from each other is that the second is more modern. The conservative English, however, still use the former.

Step 2

Also note that the transition to winter time has been canceled in the Russian Federation. All regions of our country now use summer time all year round for the time zones where they are located. For example, for Moscow it is UTC + 4.

Step 3

If you don't know what time zone your settlement is in, open the following image:

Find on the map approximately the region where you live, and then use the symbols at the bottom of the image to determine your time zone.

Step 4

If you live outside the Russian Federation, find out from local legislation whether the transition to winter time is being carried out on the territory of your state. If it turns out that this is so, then winter time differs from summer time by one hour downward.

Step 5

Optionally, find your time zone using the following site:

Select a state and a city from the list, after which your time zone will be automatically selected, taking into account the presence of a transition to winter time, as well as whether it is currently in effect.

Step 6

Remember, however, that the clocks on the above site are relatively inaccurate. You can find out more accurately information about minutes and seconds on another site:

However, there, if the browser or OS is incorrectly configured, the information about the watch will be displayed incorrectly. If it turns out that this is so, take information about the clock from the first site (provided that the time zone is selected correctly on it), and about minutes and seconds from the second.

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