What Does A Luxury Carriage Look Like On A Train

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What Does A Luxury Carriage Look Like On A Train
What Does A Luxury Carriage Look Like On A Train
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The luxury carriage allows you to travel with increased comfort. It has everything you need to minimize possible inconveniences on the road.

Luxury carriage interior
Luxury carriage interior


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The luxury wagon appeared on the Russian railway not so long ago. Before him, the most prestigious was the SV - a compartment carriage designed for 16-18 berths, each of which is a double with superior comfort. But they are very much inferior in all respects to modern luxury cars.

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How to buy a ticket for a luxury carriage correctly?

A novice traveler who wants to spend time on the road as comfortable as possible should be aware that the SV coupe also belongs to the luxury category. Therefore, unknowingly, you can buy a ticket for it. In order not to be mistaken, you need to order a soft carriage, which must be confirmed in the ticket with the letter "M". Otherwise, the luxury will be, but the level of CB.

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What does a luxury carriage look like?

The luxury carriages are different: for 4 compartments and a bar, for 5 and 6 compartments. They are included in branded, tourist trains and as escorts for saloon cars. Each luxury compartment has two berths, each of which is a sofa bed 120 cm wide. There is also one folding top shelf 85 cm wide. Each compartment has a spacious wardrobe, a transforming table, and a corner soft armchair.

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Comfort is provided by a modern audio-video system, a TV with an LCD monitor, the ability to access the Internet (Wi-Fi), an air conditioner capable of both cooling the air in the room and heating it. The ventilation and air conditioning system is individual for each compartment, so it is easy to get the required air temperature in it.

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The luxury car is equipped with a pressurized hot and cold water supply system. This made it possible to place a shower room in each compartment. The toilet is equipped with a washbasin and a vacuum toilet. The interior of the luxury carriages is made using precious wood and artificial stone. Only high quality materials are used in the decoration. The design of the carriage and compartment is presentable, creating a sense of high style and at the same time almost home comfort.

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The luxury car is equipped with security and information and service systems. The latter provides the passenger with information of a business and entertainment nature, allows making an order in a restaurant with food delivery to his compartment. With the help of the information service, you can order a taxi or a hotel at the arrival station. In accordance with the wishes of the passenger, the details of the interior or technical equipment of the carriage can be changed.

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