What Is A Common Carriage

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What Is A Common Carriage
What Is A Common Carriage
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At that time or in the place where the train is not running at the moment, you have to take a ticket for the passing train. But a reserved seat or a compartment for a short distance will not be sold, but will be offered a ticket to a shared car.

Common carriage
Common carriage

Not all people have an idea of ​​this concept as a "common carriage", but not so long ago it was so popular!

What is a "common carriage", its advantages

This is, first of all, a passenger car, in fact, it is an ordinary reserved seat, if we proceed from the classification adopted by Russian Railways for trains. It differs only in the level of comfort and service. It does not provide any services at all, there is no bed linen, or even mattresses are not observed. But the minimum of convenience for passengers is more than offset by the low fare, albeit only at a short distance.

In case of emergency, you can get anywhere in shared carriages, especially if there is practically no money.

The filling capacity of the car is calculated as follows: the upper bunk is not considered as seats, but each lower bunk has three seats, including the side ones. If a carriage has nine compartments plus nine sidewalls, the total number of seats in the carriage will be equal to the number of bottom bins multiplied by three. That is, there are 81 seats in a standard carriage. You can lie on the upper shelves if they are free, if you have to go at night, then the daredevils also occupy the third shelves, luggage. But lying there is very inconvenient, since there is less space on them, since a pipe runs along the wall, quite wide. But if you wish, you can lie there.

The main inconveniences of shared carriages

First of all, this is the absence of any service at all. The guide can be seen only at the time of boarding upon presentation of travel documents. If necessary, he will not wake anyone up, since he is unlikely to find, even if asked to do so. Tickets are sold without specifying seats, so whoever sat down first wins. If we manage to occupy the second shelf, especially when traveling at night, already happiness.

Another disadvantage is that the number of tickets sold in a common carriage does not correspond to the number of seats; in practice, it is not uncommon for passengers to lie on the second and third shelves, and three to four people sit on the lower ones. The windows are usually blocked and cannot be opened. It is stuffy in the carriages, there is an unpleasant smell from sweaty bodies, especially in summer. The atmosphere is pretty heavy.

If there is a bus service between the points, you can also use the bus

Branded long-distance trains do not have common carriages, they are hooked up to ordinary trains. If you need to go somewhere nearby, it is better to use the train, it is much more comfortable in it, despite the fact that there are no toilets.

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