How To Climb The Top Bunk On A Train

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How To Climb The Top Bunk On A Train
How To Climb The Top Bunk On A Train

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For those who often travel on trains, sometimes the problem arises of how it is easier to climb to the upper berth of a reserved seat or compartment. There are several ways to do this. Of these, you need to choose the most convenient for yourself.

How to climb the top bunk on a train
How to climb the top bunk on a train


Step 1

Young athletic people usually climb to the top of the train quickly. But if your weight is above normal, your legs hurt, you are afraid for your joints, ask the guide to give you a support ladder specifically for climbing to the upper bunk of the compartment.

Step 2

In some carriages in the compartment, retractable or folding ladders are provided (extendable from above or are located near the compartment door, on the side on both sides). Ask the conductor of your carriage about the availability of such a device. Climbing the stairs is easy. Holding on to it, you step over to your top place and fit in as you like.

Step 3

If you know how to pull yourself up, place your hands on the top bunks of the carriage. Push off the lower shelves with your feet and, resting on the opposite upper shelf with your foot, move to your place at the top. This method is suitable for people with an athletic physique. For those who doubt the strength of their hands, you can climb to the top shelf, pushing off the table in the compartment with your feet.

Step 4

In a reserved seat carriage, near each upper bunk there are supports with a "sole", on which you need to lean with one foot. Bring the second one onto the upper shelf with your knee, hold on to the handrail at the top with your hand, pull your body behind you. Perhaps this is the most convenient way to climb into your upper seat.

Step 5

It is not recommended to purchase tickets for the upper shelves for pregnant women, children, disabled people, very elderly people and those who are afraid of heights. If possible, initially buy tickets at the box office for the lower shelf, if you belong to the listed categories of people. Some tourists buy leftover tickets from the top shelves, hoping that they will ask those who bought the ticket below to move to the top. But with you in a compartment or reserved seat there may be people with the same problems that you have, and they will not be able to give you a seat. Take this possible situation into account when purchasing a train ticket.

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