How To Buy A Train Ticket

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How To Buy A Train Ticket
How To Buy A Train Ticket

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Suburbanites often have to use transport to get to the metropolis. The preferred mode of transport in this case is railway, since the electric train almost always arrives on time, its movement does not depend on the road congestion, and the fare is not too high.

How to buy a train ticket
How to buy a train ticket


Step 1

Open the timetable for the electric trains following your direction. As a rule, in big cities it is possible to buy a small-format book, which indicates all time intervals, the exact time of departure of trains from the station and their arrival at the station.

Step 2

If you have the opportunity to use the Internet, go to the website or and see the train schedule for the direction you are interested in. The site correctly indicates all changes in the schedule that you cannot see in the book. In any case, upon arriving at a station or train station, pay attention to changes in the timetable for the movement of electric trains, which should be displayed on an electronic board or located on the information board

Step 3

Choose the time of departure of the electric train from the station or from the station you need. Keep in mind that you will also need time to get to the station (on foot, by car, bus, metro, etc.). Try to arrive at the station well in advance, at least 10-15 minutes before the train leaves.

Step 4

Arriving at a station or train station, check the departure time of your electric train and the number of the platform from which it follows. Then find the ticket offices where you can buy an electric train ticket. As a rule, they are located in the station building, on the square in front of the station, next to the platform or on it.

Step 5

Go to the checkout and take the line. Even if there are 10-15 people in the queue in front of you, do not despair, because the process of selling a train ticket itself is quite fast, so your turn will come up in 5-7 minutes.

Step 6

Tell the cashier the station you need to get to. Show documents that entitle you to travel discounts (student, student ID, pension card, etc.). If you also need a return ticket, do not forget to mention this as well. Pay the amount that the cashier will call. Then collect your ticket.

Step 7

If the entrance to the platform provides for passage through the turnstile, insert the ticket with a barcode into the special hole, wait for the signal allowing passage, then go to the platform.

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