How To Put Vocals

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How To Put Vocals
How To Put Vocals

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Correct and beautiful vocals depend not only on natural talent. In most cases, improper breathing technique interferes with reaching a professional level in singing. In order to reveal your potential, there are a number of exercises, the implementation of which will not be difficult.

How to put vocals
How to put vocals


Step 1

Stand up straight and free. Keep your shoulders down, do not hold on to the instrument. Breathe calmly, evenly. Smile and push out some air through the gap between your teeth. With this, you should get the sound "C". now do the same, but move your belly. Pull in your belly with the sound "C". Repeat the exercise at a frequency of about once a second. Try doing thirty of these thrusts in one breath. Remember, you cannot take an extra breath. Focus on the sensations of the exercise. Breathe as usual before exercising. The deeper you inhale, the faster you exhale. You did the exercise correctly if you felt the oblique abdominal muscles work. Once you can do the exercise without too much trouble, expand it. After the last push, exhale all the remaining air while leaning forward. rise slowly, without breathing, and continue the exercise.

Step 2

Breathe in. Do not forget about the position of the shoulders. Do not inhale too deeply. While slightly supporting the lower abdomen, begin to release air in a thin stream at the sound "C". Try to smile.

Step 3

After you get a feel for the muscles involved in singing and breathing, you can start singing. Have you ever had a time when you really wanted to yawn, but you could not? And so they yawned without opening their mouths. Remember this feeling? Try to repeat it. Remember and try to hum something without opening your mouth. Don't sing it out loud. Sounding right, you should feel a slight vibration in your forehead.

Step 4

Without changing position, that is, keeping the sky raised, try to open your mouth a little. Repeating the same notes, go up to the very top with your mouth closed, then open your lips and go down. The main thing is to maintain the same position.

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