How To Improve Your Reading Speed

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How To Improve Your Reading Speed
How To Improve Your Reading Speed

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Reading is very fun, but it can be quite time consuming if your reading speed is too slow. The average reading speed of the average person is between 200 and 350 words per minute, but the speed can vary depending on the content and training. It is important to maintain an understanding of what you are reading, even when you are able to achieve speed reading. Here are some tips to improve your reading speed for any book.

How to improve your reading speed
How to improve your reading speed


Step 1

Check out the material you are about to read. Browse titles, chapters, sections. Get a general idea of ​​the essence and structure of the text.

Step 2

Deliberately control your reading speed as you begin to immerse yourself in text. Read deliberately slowly if you need to understand the content well. Add speed by skipping words if the text is already familiar to you.

Step 3

You can significantly improve your speed by covering several words in a line at the same time (instead of mentally verbalizing each word). You can try to perceive the text in small pieces, that is, read two or three lines at once. But this will take patience and practice.

Step 4

Another way to improve your reading speed is to focus on the keywords in your sentences. We usually spend a lot of time reading conjunctions, prepositions and interjections.

Step 5

Use a pen or finger as a focal point to guide your eyes vertically or diagonally across the page. This method can help you avoid rereading the same line multiple times.

Step 6

Create your own reading schedule that suits you. It is possible that you cannot concentrate on the material for more than one hour. Pick the best time of day when you are most focused and ready to read.

Step 7

Read in a secluded place where no one will interrupt your workout.

Step 8

Practice is the best way to improve your reading speed. The more you read, the faster it will turn out.

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