How To Wash Diesel Fuel

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How To Wash Diesel Fuel
How To Wash Diesel Fuel

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Diesel fuel is widely used both in the professional sphere and in everyday life. The most ardent "consumers" of diesel fuel are, of course, motorists. One can only imagine what their wives and mothers have to face when washing clothes, but most of them still know how to wash diesel fuel and not throw the thing in the trash can.

How to wash diesel fuel
How to wash diesel fuel


Step 1

In everyday life, some housewives who prefer "grandmother's methods" use diesel fuel to get rid of rust. But how to wash the diesel fuel itself? Surely, many have also found themselves in a situation where diesel fuel got on clothes or shoes and the question arose of how to wash it. It is not so difficult to wipe diesel stains from clothes, it can often be done at home. Try soaking the fabric in dish detergent.

Step 2

Use degreasers from renowned manufacturers.

Step 3

If you have planted a stain on a light colored cloth, you can remove it with a solution of ammonia and water. The proportion should be 1: 8.

Step 4

Gasoline will help to wash diesel fuel from woolen cloth, and warm water and laundry soap with cotton.

Step 5

In some cases, using ordinary washing powder helps.

Step 6

If you have stained delicate clothes or simply don't want to mess with the stains at home, contact a dry cleaner. You will definitely be helped. Only in this case it is necessary to take into account that you cannot remove the stain beforehand.

Step 7

It is not recommended to wash off diesel fuel stains from shoes. Better to dry your shoes and leave them in the fresh air until the smell disappears.

Step 8

It is recommended to wash off diesel fuel from any other surface with gasoline or dishwashing detergent, which removes grease well.

Step 9

The main problem with diesel fuel is the smell. It is not difficult to remove stains, but only time and airing outside can fight the smell, since diesel fuel is a substance that takes a long time to evaporate. Such a smell is not a hindrance to motorists, because the smell of diesel fuel and gasoline is the smell of a real motorist. But housewives should think about whether it is worth getting rid of rust in this "unpleasant-smelling" way.

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