How To Write A Teacher Analyst Report

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How To Write A Teacher Analyst Report
How To Write A Teacher Analyst Report

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The teacher's analytical report is an important element of the reporting documentation of a kindergarten. It is indispensable in the course of summing up the results of the work done in this particular group of children, effective planning of further activities and preparation of the certification portfolio.

How to write a teacher analyst report
How to write a teacher analyst report

It is necessary

  • - a long-term plan for working with children;
  • - reports on the activities;
  • - the results of questionnaires, tests, surveys, etc.


Step 1

At the beginning of the analysis, give a general description of the group in which you worked. Please provide data on the number and age of children at the beginning and end of the year. Indicate separately how many girls and boys are among them. Describe the features of the development and relationships of children, the nature of their activities within the kindergarten, etc.

Step 2

Next, name the goals and objectives that you set in the long-term plan. They usually cover three important areas: work with children, interaction with parents, and raising the level of one's own qualifications.

Step 3

Give a brief description of the activities that you conducted during the school year in order to solve each of the formulated tasks. The description scheme can be as follows: the name of the event; the date of the; status (group, general garden, exit); participants (children, parents, employees); results reflecting the positive and negative aspects.

Step 4

Provide data on the results of children's participation in various competitions, sports competitions, circles, festivals, etc. Include feedback from parents and preschool staff in the report. For the preparatory group, make a conclusion about the children's readiness for schooling according to the criteria: high, medium, low.

Step 5

In conclusion, formulate a general conclusion on the work done, in which write how successfully you were able to solve the tasks identified in the long-term plan, and indicate further directions for the implementation of the outlined strategies.

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