How To Fix Bad Handwriting

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How To Fix Bad Handwriting
How To Fix Bad Handwriting
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There were times when the subject of "calligraphy" was included in the school curriculum. Today they write less and less by hand, but beautiful, clear handwriting still matters. This is especially important for schoolchildren, who are often even downgraded for poor handwriting. What to do in this case? Correct bad handwriting! This is a very real task, the main thing is to practice regularly, and the result will not be long in coming.

How to fix bad handwriting
How to fix bad handwriting

It is necessary

  • - soft simple pencil;
  • - soft writing ballpoint or gel pen;
  • - recipes for writing;
  • - notebook in a narrow oblique ruler


Step 1

Take the usual recipes and start with the simplest exercises - repeating the pattern in the cells, straight and oblique elements of the letters. Strive to ensure that the lines are straight, do not crawl out of the lines and match the printed samples.

Step 2

Practice writing individual letters. For this, those variants of writing are better suited, where after each typed letter there is a space for writing by hand. At the same time, you will always have before your eyes the correct reference version, and not just a letter you just not too skillfully written.

Step 3

Move on to rewriting phrases and texts using special recipes. Print the so-called "gray" copycards - these are the text in which the text is printed in a pale gray, not black. You should outline this gray text, making sure that your lines do not go beyond the printed sample. This is a transitional exercise, it helps you approach rewriting on your own. And only when rewriting according to "gray" prescriptions becomes easy for you, you can move on to the usual black prescriptions. The task is the same - to strive to ensure that the letters you write do not go beyond the boundaries of the lines, and the elements of letters and connections correspond to the printed pattern.

Step 4

Copy text from books into a notebook with a narrow oblique ruler. This type of activity is the most difficult, because there is no longer an ideal model in front of your eyes to look up to. By this stage of the lesson, the prescription of all letters should have already been worked out.

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