How To Develop Both Hemispheres Of The Brain

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How To Develop Both Hemispheres Of The Brain
How To Develop Both Hemispheres Of The Brain

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The cerebral hemispheres perform different functions. The left one is responsible for logical thinking, and the right one is for figurative thinking. A person who has developed both hemispheres manages to combine a scientist and a creator, which gives him a significant advantage over the rest.

How to develop both hemispheres of the brain
How to develop both hemispheres of the brain


Step 1

Determine which hemisphere of your brain is dominant. To do this, do a little test. Cross your arms over your chest and remember which one is on top. Then clap your hands - again notice which hand was the top one. Close your fingers in a "lock" - remember the hand that turned out to be the top. And the last: look at the image in front of you, closing your eyes in turn. If, having closed your right eye, you saw that the image has shifted to the side, then the right eye is the leading one, if the picture has shifted when the left eye was closed - on the contrary.

Step 2

In most people, the left hemisphere is more developed than the right. This is facilitated by the education system. From childhood, the child is taught to think logically, and sometimes they scold him for his tendency to fantasize. Try to do the same. If your left hemisphere is the leader, then try to forget for a while about logic, thinking, indulging in dreams. Close your eyes, pretend you are running across the field. What do you see? What smells do you smell? The brighter the images, the better.

Step 3

Write down everything you could imagine. By verbalizing images, you connect the left hemisphere to work, so that your brain can reach its full potential. Writers often use both the right and left hemispheres when creating a work. First, they mentally draw characters and situations, and then transfer the pictures to paper.

Step 4

Familiarize yourself with the PhotoReading Technique. It is built on the use of the right hemisphere when reading books. It is known that the left side of the brain is responsible for the literal understanding of the text, but here the reader refuses to literally perceive information, concentrating attention on the entire page as a whole, and not on individual words.

Step 5

If you're right-handed, learn to write with your left hand (if you're left-handed, with your right). In this case, you use the "passive" hemisphere, make it work. Don't be afraid if something doesn't work out at first, remember that your job is to train and strive for excellence.

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